Digital Marketing Glossary

Internet Marketing Strategy

Internet marketing strategy is what the staff at DMIdeas is known for. We can communicate strategies that include all types of online advertising products, services, and websites. We are experts at doing market research to determine which of the many products we offer will best suit you and your brand. We are comfortable providing world class email marketing strategies to boost sales, brand awareness, and drive traffic to your business. Putting a website on the Internet, although important, is not Internet Marketing Strategy. As more and more consumers turn to the Internet as their common research destination, your strategy for capturing their attention, drawing them into your product line, and keeping a personal relationship with them becomes ever more important. DMIdeas has the knowledge and experience to provide your company with the strategy and research it needs, along with the analysis to prove your strategy is working, so you can take advantage of the sales opportunities that await you in the online world.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a form of direct marketing which uses electronic mail, as opposed to postcards or fliers, as a means of communicating messages to a targeted audience. Email marketing is greener than traditional direct marketing, and due to the fact it is not printed, can allow for a greater variation of messages to target specific market segments. Email marketing can include basic email messages, newsletters, special offers, surveys, promotions, and contests. There are specific regulations and steep fines for incorrect email marketing practices, and many large email systems employ spam blockers to keep end users from being harassed by unwanted mail. DMIdeas knows the laws, and the methods, to ensure that your emails are delivered appropriately, and in a way that will not be blocked or blacklisted. Let us help you utilize this unique avenue to connect to your customers in the most effective way.

Interactive Advertising

Interactive Advertising is the use of Internet, mobile devices, kiosk based terminals, and other interactive media to promote and influence the purchasing funnel of the consumer in an online and offline environment. DMIdeas staff has successfully leveraged interactive media for their clients to help purchasers become more aware of a specific brand's features, and by providing special deals or incentives at point of need to help encourage sales. This method of advertising can be used at many times in a customer's decision making process. Let us guide you to where this method of advertising will most positively influence sales and retention.


Search engine optimization, or SEO improves the volume and quality of traffic to your web site from search engines when a consumer searches for targeted keywords. When a consumer goes to Google, Yahoo, or any other Search Engine, you want your website and your product to pop to the top of the list. This is obtained through careful keyword placement and design of menus and content within the coding of your website. Many companies can make a website, but DMIdeas has the experience on staff to make your website stand out from the rest when your customer comes looking for you online.


Search Engine Marketing, or SEM, is a form of Internet Marketing that makes sure your website enjoys increased visibility in the Search Engine result pages. This can happen by using Search Engine Optimization strategies to help your site pop to the top of the list, but it also involves paid placement as a sponsored site, and other marketing strategies. DMIdeas can help you determine which types of SEM are appropriate for your end user, so that your strategy reaps the largest click through, and site visit, rewards.

Analytics & Operations

How do you know the money you are investing with us is reaping the rewards you expect? How do we track usage, click throughs, and other indicators that your marketing segmentation program is working to bring you leads that turn into sales? That is where our Analytics and Operations department shines. We have methods for testing subject lines and market segmentations that make email distribution more than just one more email to delete. We analyze what is going on with your internet presence by monitoring where people go on your site, how long they stay there, and what they leave behind. We create surveys, emails, and newsletters that drive traffic to your site, allowing us to track what is working and who it is working for so that we can continually improve on your strategy with your clients. We provide you with proof and documentation of the traffic different campaigns are generating to your site. Depending on the campaign we can even determine which leads turn into sales. Running a campaign is the start, but it is the analysis of the results of each particular campaign that determines what we do going forward. We seek continual improvement in reaching your clients with your message in the most effective way possible.

Viral Marketing Campaigns

Viral campaigns may have a negative connotation, but they are not the same as a computer virus. This marketing technique uses images, texts, web links, Flash animations, audio/video clips etc., that are considered so "cool" by your end user that they pass your message and brand from user to user chain letter style, via email. A notable example of this is the Subservient Chicken, a campaign by Burger King to promote their new line of chicken sandwiches and the "Have It Your Way" campaign. Another example of viral campaigns are the use of social networking sites, (MySpace, Facebook, etc) to promote your brand and brand awareness within that demographic. Viral campaigns are a more subtle way to instill your brand and your business in the minds of prospective clients.

Website Design & Development

The staff at DMIdeas has created hundreds of websites for multiple clients over the years. We are comfortable with designing everything from a one page site, established to promote a single campaign, to multi-page, interactive offerings that will stand the test of time. Your website is your branding to the millions of people who search for products such as yours online. Although creating a basic website is not that difficult with the tools available these days, creating a unique site, with the branding and features your business needs to compete, and with the back end systems to be sure that your site pops to the top of the list in your product area, requires considerably more skill. Let us use our award winning creative team, and our years of experience, to create a virtual world that your clients would expect to see for a product as superior as the one you provide.

Internet Presence Management

When consumers first decide they are interested in a product, unless it is an impulse buy, most of them will turn to the internet to research the product and determine where to purchase. This is where your web presence comes into play. When a prospective consumer or an established customer goes online to find you and your products, they should have no trouble locating your website, and no trouble navigating the site to find what they are looking for. If a consumer does a search on a search engine (Yahoo, Google, etc.) for keywords relating to your product, your presence needs to be found. Additionally, once located, your presence needs to convey your brand, your image, and your quality. The staff at DMIdeas can ensure that your presence is consistent with your message across all your advertising so there are not mixed messages and your brand stays clear.